Woman kidnaps her own sister’s 10-day-old baby

According to sources, the infant's mother put her to sleep and then went to sleep herself.

Newborn baby kidnapped from house in Karachi.

A horrific incident took place in Karachi’s Al-Falah Housing Society almost 2 weeks ago. A 10-day-old baby was abducted from her own house.

According to sources, the infant’s mother put her to sleep and then went to sleep herself. Later, she woke up to find that her baby’s crib was empty. The distressed mother informed her husband and family members of the missing baby. Together they searched for the child, but to no avail, so the family decided to reach out to the police and file an FIR.

Woman kidnaps her own sister’s baby.

The police got involved in the matter and launched an investigation. During the investigation, CCTV footage from a nearby location was discovered in which two women are seen carrying the baby out of the house.


As it turns out, one of the two women in the burqa was identified as the baby’s aunt (her khala). The other woman has not been identified yet.

Following the revelation, the police officials arrested the close family relatives on Thursday. The relatives detained in the child’s abduction were the baby’s aunt (her khala) and another accomplice.

Following the arrest of the two women, the baby was found. The parents are happy that the baby abducted from her house has now safely returned.

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