How a woman from Lahore helped the police catch robbers through ‘Facebook live’

This was so brave and unconventional.

Social and digital media is always criticized for doing more harm than good by setting unrealistic standards, but this time, in an interesting event, it helped the police catch burglars.

A woman in Lahore assisted the police arrest the robbers through Facebook live.

According to the reports, two burglars broke into the house of victim Saba in M block of Model Town and took her children, sister, and father as hostages. Saba was in quarantine due to the suspicion of COVID-19 and was watching a movie with headphones on when she heard faint screams of her family members.

At first, Saba didn’t pay much attention, but the screams got louder. She took off her headphones and went out of her room to inquire. Saba then saw two robbers dragging her father, while her father told them that they had nothing valuable.

Saba ran back, locked herself in her room, and started thinking of ways to tackle the situation.

She then came up with the idea of posting the current situation on her Facebook account. She posted ‘’robbers have entered my house’’, and then posted her residential address. Soon, comments came pouring in and people called the police.

After receiving numerous calls reporting the same incident, Faisal Town police came to help. For some time, the police were unable to locate her house. However, Saba then went live on Facebook, which helped the police get to their destination.

The police then set up a perimeter and caught the robbers after a brief encounter. The culprits have been transferred to Faisal Town Police Station where criminal proceedings were initiated against them.

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