Remains of a woman, whose children preserved her dead body in deep freezer, found after 12 years in Karachi

The police found the remains and conducted an autopsy.


The remains of a dead woman have been found from her own home’s deep freezer after 12 years in the Gulshan e Iqbal area, Karachi. The incident has sparked fear and horror in the neighborhood.

According to the police sources, the children of the dead woman Zakia Khatoon preserved her dead body in the deep freezer after she left this world over a decade ago. After Zakia’s children passed away, her brother, 70 years old Mahboob found the body remains.

During the initial investigation, Mahboob revealed that Zakia’s children loved her a lot and could not bear the tragedy of her death. After she passed away, they decided to preserve her body in the deep freezer rather than burying it.

Both of Zakia’s children, son Qaiser Riaz and daughter Shagufta Riaz, died four months ago. After their death, the family apartment was vacant until recently when Mahboob visited it. After finding the body remains in the deep freezer of the apartment, he threw them in the garbage dump last night.

The police found the remains and conducted an autopsy. A detailed investigation is underway to probe into the matter.

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