Woman ‘Raped’ During Operation At Hospital: Health Minister Forms Investigative Committee

A woman from Lahore has reported against a public hospital, alleging it of first sedating her and then raping her. As reported by a local media source, the alleged victim reported that she went for a checkup at a public hospital after she was experiencing pain in her private parts. Upon reporting her problem to the doctor, she was taken to operation theater for a ‘surgery’ where she was sedated and raped by the staff.

After getting home post-procedure, she remove the bandages and noticed there were no signs of operation injury, blood or wounds. She went for checkup at Sheikh Zahid Hospital after experiencing pain, where she was told she is pregnant.

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According to the First Information Report (FIR) filed by the 35 year old woman, she had gone to the hospital after suffering from pain in her lower abdomen. She was admitted to women surgical ward – II on November 23rd and was taken to the operation theater at 7:30 am for surgery. After being given anesthesia and undergoing surgery, woman started complaining of pain again and experienced heavy bleeding from urinary tract. Her sister took her to Sheikh Zahid Hospital, where she allegedly found out she has been raped.

There have been no clarifications on part of the hospital yet. However, few Facebook users have been giving it on their behalf.

Health Minister Dr. Yasmeen Rashid took notice of the incident and formed a three member investigative committee, headed by Services Hospital Principal, Dr. Mahmood Ayaz and strictly ordered them to submit a report on the matter. The committee also comprises of Dr. Arif Rasheed, professor of Forensic Medicine and Dr. Rubeena Sohail.

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