Woman scares away rapist by ‘coughing, pretending she is from Wuhan’

The victim was at her home alone in China when the alleged rapist broke in.


A Chinese woman played smart and scared away her rapist by ‘coughing’ and pretending that she was from Wuhan. The Coronavirus-hit city has become a symbol of death horror after the deadly virus outbreak.

According to the available details, the alleged culprit, named by police as 25-year-old Xiao, broke into the victim named Yi’s bedroom in the city of Jingshan. When he tried to rape her, she shouted that she just returned from Wuhan.

”I just returned from Wuhan and have been infected. Therefore I am home alone in self-quarantine,” she screamed in desperation.

The suspect (pictured), 25-year-old Xiao got frightened and fled after his victim pretended to cough and then told him that she just returned from Wuhan. He has been detained by police.

After hearing Yi’s claims, the culprit was frightened and fled – but not before robbing her of 3,080 yuan (£338) in cash. Jingshan Public Security Bureau revealed the details in a social media post on Monday. 

Almost 10,000 cases of coronavirus have been reported in China so far, out of which 213 patients have lost their lives. According to WHO (World Health Organization), 98 cases have been reported in 18 other countries.

In eight cases, which emerged in Germany, Vietnam, the US, and Japan, patients were infected by the people who traveled to China recently.

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