Meet the woman who is proudly selling cows at the Karachi cattle market [VIDEO]

While speaking to a media outlet, Ghani explained how she juggles between different professions.

This Eid-ul-Azha, a Karachi woman, broke all stereotypes by stepping into the cattle market to sell sacrificial cows on her bike.

A woman named Ayesha Ghani entered the market with 36 cows in hand. She has sold 12 cows so far. The exemplary woman does everything from checking the cow\\’s teeth to cleaning and washing them.

Ayesha Ghani, Karachi\\’s Pak woman cattle seller. (Photo: Indrani IANS)

Ghani raised all her animals with extreme love and care at a village and then brought them for sale. This fact explains why the most expensive cow at her stall costs over Rs. 530,000. This cow has not been sold yet.

While speaking to a media outlet, Ghani explained how she juggles between different professions. She is a gym instructor and also teaches people how to ride bicycles. Commenting on the newest job she undertook, Ghani said:

I\\’ve been an animal lover since childhood. This year, I thought I\\’ll change things around here for the women and children who usually feel uncomfortable and scared to visit the cattle market.

When asked about her experience, Ghani explained that she was happy with the way customers and sellers treated her. However, she also explained that the market managers were still biased against her:

They ask me weird questions such as \\’you\\’re a woman, and you come to the mandi [cattle market] on a bike\\’ and \\’why do you travel on a bike?\\’ They make me feel bad from time to time.

Ghani laughingly revealed that the cattle market organizers were baffled when she initially approached them and talked about booking a stall and selling cows.

To witness Ayesha Ghani in action firsthand, you can stop by the cattle market along the Super Highway in Karachi. She still has 24 cows to sell.

We wish Ayesha Ghani the best of luck and hope that she leaves the cattle market with fruitful results.

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