Women Who Broke Stereotypes In 2018: Meet Gwadar’s First Female Vlogger

Shutting patriarchy and stereotypes, Gwadar’s first ever female vlogger hit the news towards the end of this year. With over 35,000 subscribers, Anita Jalil Baloch is slowly gaining recognition and popularity. Anita has hit these figures in a little more than six months, which speaks for her talent itself. Daughter of government employees and born in Gwadar, Anita lives with her brother and father who is an officer at PIA (Pakistan International Airline). Her mother left the world three years back.

With the hope of giving her a secure future, her parents sent her Aga Khan School in Gwadar, where she started the initial stages of her education. But the school closed later and she had to move to Karachi to continue her studies. She then came back to Gwadar for college and attended Quetta University.

Completing her education, Anita moved to Dubai where she first worked as a teacher and then a receptionist at a private company.
She initially planned to spend her entire life in Dubai, but when her mother’s health deteriorated she had to come back to Pakistan.

After her mother passed away, she decided to stay here and spend her life with her family. However, the issue arose that she had nothing that interested her in Gwadar. She wanted to become a theatre artist, as that was her true passion but her father did not approve of her choice.

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The initial plan wasn’t vlogging, she shares talking to a local media news source. She didn’t even consider it until she met a vlogger from Pasni, Gwadar named Chiragh Baloch.

‘’I did not intend to be a vlogger, but he inspired me to do it. My dream has, however, always been to be a theatre artist’’

Gwadar gained a lot of attention and become a centre of discussion after CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) in 2014. However, Anita says that the image being portrayed is over exaggerated, through her vlogging she intends to show the people that nothing changed in the area except for a few development projects.

‘’People say the city has transformed, I would argue otherwise. We still live in the same old houses, which we have been living in for as long as we can remember. There is no change. We have the same problems, and we have the same outlook on everything’’

Initially, Anita didn’t get a positive reaction and her father urged her to stop for the amount of hate she received. However, slowly people started to appreciate her efforts and her popularity is increasing rapidly.

Touching such a sensitive topic, from an area which has been the centre of controversy since the start of CPEC, Anita is standing against so many conservative values and is determined to keep speaking unless her voice is heard.

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