Working Towards Social Equality: Transgender Rights Bill Monumental In Pakistan’s History

Taking another step forward towards achieving social equality, National Assembly has passed a bill for the protection of transgender community in Pakistan this Tuesday.
The things seem to be changing for the long-ignored and socially excluded third gender community, as the society moves towards eradicating discriminating barriers progressively but effectively.

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Syed Naveed Qamar from Pakistan’s People’s Party piloted the bill as well as Senator Farhatullah Babar, Rubina Khalid, and Dr Karim Khawaja also played an exemplary role in the bill’s progress. Y
It was however opposed by JUI-F’s Naeema Kishwer, saying it should be instead referred to standing committee for ‘detailed deliberation’. She said that the bill allows castration*, that is against Islam. She also proposed amendments to refer the bill to CII (Council of Islamic Ideology), however, her amendments were rejected.

*Castration (also known as gonadectomy) is any action, surgical, chemical, or otherwise, by which an individual loses use of the testicles.

Qamar said that detailed discussions were held prior presenting the bill to NA and requested the house to pass the bill.
Provisions under the bill are objected at protecting the indivisual and social rights of the discriminated community.
The provisions are as follows: (Source: GEO News)

The bill is definitely monumental in Pakistan’s history. The activists and social rights advocates has welcomed it with joy, terming it a relief after prolonged struggle.

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Trans Activist Bindiya Rana calls it ‘a very happy day for everyone’. Speaking to media, she said that Allah has blessed their barren effort fruits today. She thanked everyone saying that the bill is a collective effort by lawmakers, Trans community, activists, media, and people who speak and write about trans rights.
“I think the Pakistani public should celebrate with us. After so much hard work, so much struggle, this years-long movement is finally seeing some progress, some achievement.” – says Ardhiya Khan, a transgender individual (Source: GEO)

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