‘If Syrian children had oil running through their veins rather than blood, the world would have cared more”, Erdogan

Turkey currently hosts about 3.7 million Syrian refugees.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has urged the world powers to play their part in Syrian crisis and help resettle its refugees, figured at 1 million. He also accused the governments that they are more concerned about Syrian oil than its children.

Turkey currently hosts about 3.7 million Syrian refugees, making it the country to host the largest refugee population worldwide. While speaking at the Global Forum for Refugees in Geneva, Erdogan said that over 600,000 should voluntarily join around ”371,000 already in a peace zone in northern Syria from which Turkey drove Kurdish militia.”

“I think the resettlement can easily reach 1 million in a very short period of time,” Erdogan further added, speaking at the Forum. 

About 13.1 million people across Syria are in need of urgent help and humanitarian aid – among which 5 million are innocent children.

Three million people are living in besieged areas and displacement camps without any access to humanitarian aid and deprived of urgent medical assistance. The total number of displaced Syrians has increased to 11.5 million – while the war goes on.

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