World Class Pakistani Tekken Champions Won’t Participate Evo Japan, Thanks To Visa Issues

Pakistani best of the game can beat their opponents worldwide but can not beat their biggest nemesis i.e. visa issues.

It is very much established globally that Pakistan is arguably the strongest region of the game Tekken worldwide. Last year Pakistan proved its metal with Arslan Ash winning both Evo titles in Japan and US, while Awais Honey, Atif Butt, Imran Khan and Bilal Ilyas won many of other titles elsewhere. All these players made Pakistan proud on their own with zero government support. Private intentional ESports organizations like FATE, vSlash and Genuine Gaming recognized their talent and sponsored these players.

All these international sponsors can do is provide them with money for their travels and other financial needs. But what they are helpless against is the Nationality of these players. And that’s exactly has happened here. With the exception of defending champion Arslan Ash, no Pakistani player could manage to get a Japan Visa.

And the worst part is, they have no government platform to go to and ask for help for the visa. The whole Pakistani Tekken community is super disappointed that their local as well as the international Heros of the game won’t be able to take part in, what is considered the 2nd biggest tournament of the game. i.e. Evo Japan 2020.


All these self made great players can do is beat the best of the game worldwide but sadly, they can not beat their biggest nemesis, i.e. visa issues.

Its is such a shame that no diplomatic help from the government that can make sure these best of the game could get visa.

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