World Rejoices As Saudi Arabia FINALLY Lifts Driving Ban On Women

To our surprise, but a pleasant one, after years of building an image as women oppressors and holding them back in all spheres of life, Saudi Arabia moves one step forward as they allow females to drive.

Mind that previously, in Saudia a woman could only step out of her house with a ‘Mehram’. After stirring a debate on global level over their despotism towards the female gender, its fair to say that they have not only failed to provide them basic rights but also have failed to recognize them as a gender with distinct requirements.

Back in 2013, Saudi Arabia lifted the ban and allowed women to ride motorbikes and cycles in certain recreational parks, ONLY IF A MALE MEMBER’S RELATIVE IS ACCOMPANYING THEM OR KEEPING AN EYE ON THEM.

Nonetheless, this move of allowing women to drive without vigilance of a ‘Mehram’ has been welcomed and appreciated all over the world. The US stands first in the row

Breaking away from the ultraconservative version of religion and society that the country follows, the ‘royal’ order will formally be implemented by 24 June 2018.

Prince Khaled Bin bin Salman, Saudi Ambassador to US, further confirmed that this order will provide women freedom to drive cars without permission of any male member of the family. Prince Khaled further called this a historic day and a right decision at the right time.

The journey however has been pretty rough. The issue came under discussion on the global level when in 2014, Saudi activist Loujain al-Hathlou was detained for over 70 days for flouting the driving ban.

Saudi women are enjoying this freedom, calling it a start of something new as ‘rain starts with a single drop’.

Yet a few of the people are of view that where the world has progressed beyond limits, this actually reflects how Saudi Arabia lacks and fails to keep up with the pace of developing world.

We hope that with this order, the society can digest this change as well. Now that they are ‘legally’ permitted to enjoy their first win, the stubborn society needs to change their role as well.

But, Who is Going to Keep The Trolls Away?

Surely, there has been some congenial recognition of the move, but on the other hand, the move is still under the attack of some apocalyptic criticism, appearing in the form of trolling. The gravitating thought in there is mostly the lack of total belief in the Government that the order will ever be able to get implemented in its true sense of letter and spirit. It is not a very far fetched idea that there are going to be new road rules, until June 2018, when this order is going to be promulgated countrywide. This stark realization is reflected in many forms on the social media

The memes in the above tweet depicts the reality that though the Saudi’s have allowed the women to drive without the precondition of accompanied by a Mehram, it is not beyond doubt that they might still have a set of misogynistic laws that will keep it difficult for women to drive with total freedom.

The same idea has been floated here, though, on a very lighter note


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