You can now order world's cheapest electric car ONLINE in Pakistan for Rs. 150,000 only!

This is beyond impressive!


Forget when electric cars used to cost a fortune and brought loads of import-related issues with them. China has created an electric vehicle, available for order online through Alibaba, priced for under $1,000 (only).

Jason Torchinsky, an American citizen, ordered this and was left awe-struck. The car\\’s Chinese manufacturer, Chang Li, sent it packed in a box. Upon unboxing and running the electric vehicle, Jason was surprised to see it sported many features similar to that of modern cars.

Calling this genuinely usable battery-powered quadricycle, a car, sure is an overstatement. However, let\\’s look at what it offers to decide whether drawbacks lead the perks or vice versa.


Recognized by the name Nemeca, the metal car is seemingly a 4-wheel, 2-door model, but it holds much more than that. With 2500 x 1500 x1800 dimensions, a 1480 mm wheelbase, and aluminum wheels, this Chinese car has a 300kg maximum loading capacity.

The curvy windshields, rear glass, and backdoor, and several stickers give the vehicle a dramatic feel. It is complete with a back and front guard, sporty projector-beam headlights, sliding glass windows, white and black side mirrors, chrome door handles an LED-fitted roof rack and the company\\’s emblem on the bonnet.

The EV mostly comes covered in red paint (even the underbody, so it doesn\\’t rust), but the option of customizing the color is available.

However, white-colored fenders prove that the car\\’s dynamics and design are not very pleasing since it is developed majorly for leisure commute. Moreover, fog lamps are also absent.


The exterior of the car may look like a golf cart, but its interior (that fits three people – one driver and two passengers) is the total opposite.

The car has a fancy look. It contains a dashboard (with an MP3 music player fixed in the right location), steering wheel (like Ford Steeles), contrast-stitched leather seats, a gear shift, rearview camera, speedometer (with necessary detailed markings) and a padded rubber mat (that covers the floor). Sure, these things have poor quality, feel rubbery, fake, cranky, just alright, okay, and mediocre, respectively; the 900-dollar price tag justifies it all.


Nemeca\\’s suspension design is quite like the modern Suzuki Jimny or Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series, with rear drum brakes and no front brakes as the only difference.

Surprisingly, it has a working standard rooftop fan and electric heater too. Five 12 volt lead-acid batteries lie wired in series under the driver seat.

The power electronics and wires from the pedal, motor, charger, and batteries are packed neatly below the backload floor. The shelf houses a controller that turns pedal shifts input to motor output and a DC-DC converter, which converts 48 to 72-volt inputs into 12-volt inputs.

Engine & Performance

Chang Li\\’s Nemeca can cover 100 km with 30-degree climbing ability in a single charge.

However, the electric vehicle has poor aerodynamics, narrow-tall body, and tiny wheels. Generating a 1.1 horsepower, it can only hit a maximum of 30-35km/h speed after 7-10 hours of charging. It does not even come with safety features or crash testing procedures. Hence, only time will tell the damage it may bear when involved in an accident.


The good news is that people can buy the car at a mere $930/Rs.150,000 price. Note that this price tag does not include battery pack or delivery charges. Delivery charges may vary, but the battery pack would add around $1,200 to the original price.

To sum up, considering the value it offers, and benefits (like authorized tax-free import) it brings, Nemeca is a great bargain.

Where to Order?

Head to this link to order The Chang Li Nemeca online from Alibaba now.


  • Welcome to the future

    Pakistan needs to adopt electric cars quicker than everybody else

  • How much we have to pay for Delivery and tax ?
    What is the total amount in dollars , including car and battery ?
    How long is the delivery process to Pakistan ?

    Thank you

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