World’s first Siri-styled Urdu speaking AI bot launched

World's first Urdu speaking AI bot, RUBA, is capable of handling simple tasks like sending text messages on your behalf.

World’s first Urdu based ‘Siri-styled’ voice-recognition AI bot launched for improved customer experience Via | Pakistan Today


This year’s Smart CX conference, that was held in Karachi, was aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and improving the quality of experience. Organized by a local customer experience company, C-Square in collaboration with a global CX powerhouse Genesys.

However, the star of the show at the conference was the world’s first ever AI Urdu voice recognition bot. The bot can interact with the user’s and respond to them in Urdu. The bot, named RUBA, can carry out simple tasks on your behalf – like checking account balance to responding to texts.

“RUBA was made in Urdu because of the local population in Pakistan, and for the large labour force working in the Middle-East” – said Ahsan Mashkoor, CEO of C-Square.

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Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of C-Square addressed the conference saying that it has been a long journey reaching here.

“It’s been a long journey, a ten-year journey. We started off with a two-man company back in 2009. From a two-man company to global deployments in Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and a lot of amazing customers in Pakistan, the journey has been amazing” – he said.

Federal Minister for Ministry of States and Frontier Regions, Shehryar Afridi also addressed the conference and lauded the initiative as ‘excellent’.

“It is important for us to learn English, it is good that we learn Chinese but it is imperative that we make Urdu our mainstream language once again in any sort of interaction.” – said the Minister.

The event was attended by specialists and technology experts from Egypt, Greece, Turkey and other countries.

Via | Pakistan Today

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