Wudhu (Ablution) may have a major role in preventing COVID-19 in British Muslims, says report

The Muslim practice of Wudhu (Ablution) before the compulsory prayers may have a major role in preventing COVID-19 in British Muslim communities.

According to a report by Professor Richard Webber from Newcastle University and former Labour Party politician Trevor Phillips, Muslims in the UK are at a lower risk of COVID-19 because they clean themselves five times daily.

The wudhu and frequent washing of hands before prayer might have saved many Muslims from having contracted the virus. Phillips wrote that if poverty were the virus’ key determinant, Britain’s Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslim communities would be at high risk right now.

He then quoted the example of Tower Hamlets in Central London, which has a decent amount of Muslim population and is surrounded by virus hotspots but is safe from the virus.

Data shows that Muslims in many areas of the UK seem to be less affected by the virus. However, BAME communities are at a greater risk of contracting the virus because a high number of NHS and numerous generations live in the same house.

‘’If one key to stopping the virus is washing hands, might a religious community, many of whose members wash hands five-times-a-day before prayers, have something to teach the rest of us?’’, Phillips said.

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  • Standard of CLEANLINESS in Islam is far more Higher then these non-muslims could even imagine ..alhamdulillah. Atleast now they all know that washing hands after every action is necessary now.

  • No comments ? after a non-Muslim doctor recognized a real Muslim way of life is true with WUDHU.

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