X Navy Man Fakhar Zaman becomes the new cricket superstar of Pakistan

During ICC trophy, Pakistani cricket discovered another hero with the name of Fakhar Zaman. Coming from the district of Mardan, Fakhar’s capability and potential is not secret to the sport’s world anymore.

His passion paved his way from being an ex-navy man to a brilliant cricketer.

He was inclined towards the sport since a very young age, but his father forced him to focus on his academics. However, he didn’t give up on his passion and continued to participate in cricket competitions in navy. His navy cricket coach recognized his inclination towards cricket and encouraged him to pursue it as a career on the national level.

It was not long before Fakhar solidified his position in the Pakistani team and proved to be a fantastic opener, the area that has always been a vulnerable aspect of Pakistan in the cricket ground.

Fakhar Zaman – ICC Trophy Final Hero

Fakhar is recognized and celebrated as a star specifically after the ICC Champions Trophy, 2017.
The reports say that before the match, Fakhar was unwell that is why the expectations associated with him were reduced.

Due to fasting and health, he took a little time to settle on the crease. After gaining momentum, we witnessed one of the most outclass batting performance that not only is pride for Fakhar himself, but also the entire nation.
Fakhar performed well under pressure, surprising the entire world with his potential.

He played the entire game consistently and confidently, ultimately securing Pakistan the Champions Trophy.

Fakhar undeniably has emerged as a man of potential; whose passion is evident in his game. His confidence in his skills and abilities helped him overcome the pressure against India in the final, and will contribute to elevating the standard of Pakistani cricket as a whole.

After the match, Fakhar was celebrated as a national hero, that he truly deserved. On all social media platforms, he received the love and appreciation that very few new cricketers get.
Fakhar is an example to follow for all the newcomers in the game.

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