Yamaha Bikes prices increased again: See the latest price list

Here are the new prices.

The tradition remains – Yamaha has once again increased the prices of its bikes. Now, all bikes of the company cost over Rs. 200,000.

Recently, Yamaha has increased the prices of the following three bikes:

  • Yamaha YB125Z
  • Yamaha YB125Z-DX
  • Yamaha YBR 125

New Yamaha Bike Prices

The new price of Yamaha YB125Z (Red/Black) is Rs. 201,000 compared to the previous rate of Rs. 190,000. The price has been increased by Rs. 11,000.

The Yamaha YB125Z-DX has also seen a jump of Rs. 11,000. Now it costs Rs. 216,500; the last rate of the bike was Rs. 205,500.

Finally, the Yamaha YBR 125’s (Red/Blue/Black) price has been increased by Rs. 12,000. Now it can be bought for Rs. 223,000, instead of Rs. 211,000.

Like always, the company has not stated a reason for the price hike this time too. In the notification, Yamaha has only mentioned the price without Sales Tax and the price with Sales Tax of its bikes.

According to reports, motorbike companies have repeatedly increased prices for the last couple of years, without stating a concrete reason. It is pertinent to mention that a significant portion of bike manufacturing is localized; hence, there is no proper reason for these repeated price hikes.

History of Price Hikes

Yamaha increased prices up to Rs. 7000 in November last year. After seeing an increase of Rs. 6,000, the price of YB 125 Z reached Rs. 190,000 from Rs. 184,000. Meanwhile, the price of the YBZ DX variant went from Rs. 205,500 from Rs. 198,500.

The prices of YBR and YBR G 125 surged by Rs. 7,000 each, taking their rates to Rs. 211,000 and Rs. 220,500, respectively. The prices of Yamaha increased as much as Rs. 30,500 in the year 2021 after five hikes. The rates were increased in January, April, August, October, and November. Only time will tell how many price hikes are written in the fate of 2022.

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