Anoushey Ashraf vs Yasir Hussain | What happened during the Insta-war?

The actor recently sparked another controversy by mansplaining Anoushey Ashraf that she should be supporting local productions.

Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain and actress Anoushey Ashraf have been in a heated debate over the caliber of ‘local’ and ‘foreign’ content, and the dispute does not seem to be dying down any time soon.

Yasir has always been in the headlines and under public scrutiny for controversial statements and sharing his unfiltered thoughts on social media.

He tried speaking his mind yet for another time, but people have had enough of it.

The actor recently sparked another controversy by mansplaining Anoushey Ashraf that she should be supporting local productions.

Not so surprisingly, this time, the Bandi actor resorted to personal attacks. Yasir demeaned her, saying she wouldn’t understand him because she speaks English.

Anoushay clapped back at Yasir by emphasizing that speaking another language or buying an Indian sari does not make anybody less of a Pakistani.

However, now Yasir Hussain is upset that Anoushey ‘criticized’ him in public. Once again, the actor used a condescending tone and accused her of doing this for ‘fame.’

He argued that if Anoushey had a problem with the post, she should’ve sent him a personal message rather than bashing him publically. He further said that by commenting on a public post, she has made a mountain out of a molehill.

Anoushey reminded him that his post was public, and anyone has the right to approach him. She further told him it would be good if he could civilly tolerate other people’s opinions and not go straight to attacking them.

“Don’t need this kinda fame, buddy. Just stood up for what I thought was right. But we do need more tolerance and acceptance instead of personal attacks (once again, with this fame comment).”

She apologized for hurting his sentiments and made it clear that public debates need to be resolved in public. She also asked him to be careful with his words for other artists because nobody is here to play the blame and fame game.

“And for you to judge it’s for fame instantly is another reason you need to reflect on your choices of words and thoughts about other artists.”

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  • Yasir shehtan who the hell are you ky kisi ko kachra bolay khud sare aam larki ko kiss krty hoo sub sy gnda kerhaaaa ho tmmmm …. shehtan kahain kaa

  • He “yasir hussain” himself is a kachra. Think himself a superstar “or itnay he hoshiar ho tow aik aisa drama he bana lo jis ma islam say related kuch dikha sako” so called liberal piece of shit…….

  • Yasi hussain .. Indians actors ka Welcome aesy krty ho jaisy Apka Pita ( Baap ) hain wo or jahan Koi acha Content Banany waly Mily hain to unhain Kachra Keh rhy ho. Shame on u
    pechly 3 Saal se tera Haklana nhe Gaya … tone hi change krlo Apni or Han kal bhe Aaj bhe or Future main bhe Kachra Ap hi ho … ?

    • Baki sari baat theek ha ap ki brother , bt kisi ki physical disability haklana wagara pay baat nae krni chahiyay.. Allah ny ap ko ?% perfect banaya to osi pay shukar ada karain..

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