‘You will know when Turkish people take your father’s jobs’, Yasir Hussain reacts to Diriliş: Ertuğrul

Well, Yasir has some opinions!



Diriliş: Ertuğrul has broken all past records in Pakistan. The Islamic theme and the Turkish culture shown in the drama appeals to the Pakistani audience on a broader level.

However, the Turkish epic has received a mixed response from showbiz fraternity. While some celebrities showed their appreciation for it, others think it is equal to killing the local talent.

Actor Yasir Hussain, however, falls in the second category.

In his Instagram stories yesterday, Yasir said that ”when someone’s father or brother loses their jobs to Turkish people, only then they will understand what he is saying”.

Since the Turkish drama Diriliş: Ertuğrul started airing on national television, it has become the subject of discussion across social media. The show, which is being referred to as the ‘Turkish Game of Thrones’, has become Pakistan’s favorite.

However, Pakistani celebrities so far have a mixed response to it. While Hamza Ali Abbasi loves it, veteran actor Shaan Shahid believes that we should be celebrating our local talent instead.

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  • Tum logon ke drama kya hain? Saas bahu ke lanjay. Eavesdropping. Shaadi, Mohabat. Upgrade your shit. You aren’t teaching people anything through your medium.

  • The comments displays the intellectual capacity. Instead of lame excuses and whining…come up with something original instead of usual BS dramas about saas bahu issues and love triangle. And since when you start worrying about PTV???

  • احساسِ کمتری کا ایک اور مریض سامنے آگیا

    پڑھا لِکھا جاہل یاسر حسین ارطغرل کے مخالف ?


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