Yasir Nawaz has an ‘advice’ for PM Khan and the government

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Pakistani director, and Producer Yasir Nawaz, has urged the federal government to change the “Corona caller tune” set by the government, which the users have to listen to when they call someone.

The actor took to Instagram and posted that the government must change the caller tune with Surah Rahman.

“I request the government to change the Corona tune set on mobile phones to Surah Rahman’s recitation so that people can get out of depression and can have some mental peace,” he added.

Recently, Yasir and his wife, host Nida Yasir, appeared in a TV show where the Moom Ka Dia actor revealed that he regretted working with the young Pakistani actress, Alizeh Shah.

Yasir then shared, “When you’re doing a character in a drama, you’re supposed to keep your private life separate from it. Someone asked me to increase the episodes of the drama as it was going well, but I denied saying that please reduce the episodes.”

Yasir Nawaz and Alizeh Shah have worked together as husband and wife in the drama serial “Mera Dil Mera Dushman.”

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  • If Yasir can Guarantee he can get every one to wear mask and follow government Sop’s and puts all his assets as a guarantee then maybe.

  • There are a few issues in keeping Quran recitation as calling or ringing tune:

    1. You cannot pick up the call while any Ayah is not complete, which is not possible as the call receiver doesn’t hear the calling tune.

    2. It is mandatory for us to listen attentively while Quran is being recited, which most people won’t while calling.

    3. Caller may or may not be muslim hence there is a possibility of disrespect of Quran.

    Anyone who wants mental peace, can play the recitation in his mobile and listen to it with concentration.

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