“Emergency within an emergency” | Here is how you can play your part in helping the war-torn Yemen

The coronavirus pandemic has created what UNICEF called an "emergency within an emergency" in Yemen.

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For the last five years, war has destroyed Yemen. It has left thousands dead and millions more coping with severe food insecurity—and making the country especially vulnerable to a global pandemic.

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In 2019, the UN called the humanitarian crisis in Yemen the worst in the world. It has said that 80% of the population needs assistance. Moreover, 14.3 million people are in acute need, while about 3.2 million people require acute malnutrition treatment.

The coronavirus pandemic has created what UNICEF called an “emergency within an emergency” due to an insufficient supply of clean water, inadequate sanitation, and the country’s shortage of operating health facilities.

According to the UN report, the health system in Yemen is only working at 50%, and health system functionality is at less than 40%. Furthermore, chronic malnutrition has left Yemenis vulnerable, and their weakened immune systems a prime target for the coronavirus.”

Even as the citizens of Yemen are struggling, the pandemic has also added to a decline in aid funds as countries around the world try to manage their own economies.

According to the International media outlets, the United Nations held a virtual donor conference this month. However, global donors only pledged $1.35 billion, about $1 billion short of the UN’s target.

Moreover, for millions of Yemenis, cash transfers from relatives and friends abroad, which typically serve as “an important source of money,” are also in deterioration due to the epidemic’s economic impact.

The country was already in crisis, but now, its citizens are in even more dire need.

Here is how you can help the people of Yemen

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