[PICTURES] Yesteryear Lollywood’s Leading Actresses: Then and Now

A trip down the memory lane!

Lollywood has always been ruled by some of the most glamourous leading actresses in the past decades. However, today, many of them remain a part of just mere memories. It has been quite a time since we got to see these veteran Bollywood actresses play lead roles in films.

However, some of them are seen playing mothers to popular leading actors today. Having aged gracefully, they still continue to amaze us. Here’s how these yesteryear Bollywood actresses look now.


Shabnam, the Bengali beauty, was an iconic name of Lollywood’s golden age, who ruled the nation’s hearts.

Babra Sharif

A name best known for style and uniqueness, Babra had an international appeal.


Sangeeta ruled over many hearts for strong acting abilities. The actress currently produces films and drama serials.


Famous for her bodacious looks, Anjuman was a fan favorite of Punjabi films.


The diva is best known for her reign in films alongside Shaan and for dancing to countless record-breaking tracks.


With her shy looks and a beautiful smile, Reema significantly impacted Lollywood with her entry.


Meera is one of the very few actresses who have ruled over decades.


Known for her sensuous looks and appreciated massively for her acting skills, Resham became a leading lady in the new-age films released during the last few years.

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  • None of them had any acting potential. Third class movies produced by illiterate people for illiterate people.

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