You CAN go to Germany without learning the German language. Here’s how

According to the DAAD German Academic Exchange Program, a majority of German universities do not require their students to speak German fluently.

“It depends on the program you opt for,” a DAAD representative told a news outlet on Sunday. “There are several Pakistani students who are studying at multiple universities in Germany without having proficiency in the language.”

Pakistani students prefer German universities as they are less expensive than other ones. Since all German education institutions are public-owned, their tuition fee is cheaper for both local and foreign students.
Other than that, there are still scholarships available to Pakistani students. DAAD offers scholarships to students, especially graduates and varsity faculty members. Through these, you can study in the country with your education fee fully covered and are even eligible for a monthly stipend of Rs. 145,091.

“The classes here are conducted in English,” said Abraar Khan, a master’s student in Germany. “In fact, most universities here also offer German language classes every semester.”

For getting into any German university, you have to deposit an amount in your bank and keep it locked in for about two years. This is a security deposit and is locked as a means of security. In the beginning, the requirement was Rs. 1.4 million but increased due to the exchange rate.

The only drawback of these universities is that not many of them are very well-known. And, if your program does have a language requirement, you will have to put in the time learning the language.

There are many universities that have different requirements and offer various programs. If you are interested, you can visit For scholarships, click on the link given below

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