You can now know how many times your message has been forwarded on WhatsApp. Here’s how

A recent incident of child trafficking led WhatsApp to address the issue.


  • WhatsApp owned by Facebook has introduced a feature to find out how many times a message was forwarded.
  • The latest updated version 2.19.230 of WhatsApp introduced a new feature.
  • A recent incident of child trafficking led WhatsApp to address the issue.


WhatsApp has introduced a new feature for its users where they can find out how many times their message has been forwarded after they send it.

Facebook a massive social media platform that also owns WhatsApp has constantly been under fire for not doing enough to address the issue of fake news in spite of promising to create features to prevent and control this risk.

Last year WhatsApp was updated but had limited capacity to forward messages from five to twenty users or groups.

Besides, this new feature of WhatsApp works for all of the messages including images, texts, videos, and voice notes. Soon the latest update will be rolled out globally and will be accessible to all users.

A recent event in India regarding child trafficking is what forced WhatsApp to address the issue right away.

According to the recent updates, users of the App can now see the number of times their messages have been forwarded after they send it. In addition to this new feature, if the message is being forward more than five-time since the first time it was sent, a new forward icon on the message will denote itself.

In the latest updated version, 2.19.230 a new feature “forwarded x times” has been added. Before this feature was introduced, only two types of information were displayed on the info tab i.e. seen and delivered.

After this update, only the last person who forwards the message can view the information in the information tab as long as the message is forwarded at least four times.

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