You Could Soon Be Facing Phone Calls Loadshedding Just Like Electricity

phone calls loadshedding

At a time when the federal government is finding it difficult to control the hours long power outages, telecom companies have rung alarm bells with warning of potential ‘loadshedding’ of phone calls. Yes, you read it right.

The Senate Standing Committee on Finance was informed of phone calls loadshedding during a meeting by the officials of telecom companies. According to mobile service providers, the loadshedding could be witnessed in the next few days which will be similar to that of electricity.

As per the representatives of the telecom firms, the phone calls outages will happen due to increased taxes on on the telecom sector. During the meeting, they stated that the advance tax on imported fiber optic cable has been increased by 15%.

The representatives demanded to reduced advance tax on the imports of fibre optic to 8%. “The equipment being used in the telecom industry were declared luxurious items. The import duty has also been hiked by 20%.”

They also informed the senate committee about the problems faced by the telecom sector due to financial burden to import the fibre-optic. According to the telecom representatives, only 10% towers across the country has fibre optic cable. They feared people might not be able to use ATMs if fibre optic cables are not laid.

Following the meeting, the senators recommended the federal government to address the issues faced by the telecom sector and reduce the taxes on the imports of the fibre optic.

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