This young Albanian girl recreating Pakistani celebrity couples is the cutest thing on internet today!

So insanely talented!

The Albanian girl has taken the internet by storm. Five years old, Amila has proved herself the ‘Queen’ of imitating celebrity pictures and has won millions of hearts by re-creating some of our favorite Pakistani couples, and people just can’t get enough of her!

The new social media celebrity, Amila, has been imitating pictures of celebrities from around the globe. However, recently Amila added Pakistani celebrity couples in her list too. The images she recreated have earned have praise and appreciation from everywhere, including Pakistani celebrities.

It all started with Amila recreating Maya Ali’s look

From the dress to the pose and makeup, Amila nailed everything spot on. 

The picture made Pakistanis fell in love with her, and soon she was bombarded with many requests to recreate other Pakistani celebrities too. Amila listened to her newborn fans and recreated Zara Noor and her husband Asad Siddiqui’s picture:

Zara Noor Abbas couldn’t hold herself back and commented:

The Albanian girl, Amila, also imitated Alizeh Shah and Noaman Sami’s picture.

The couple also commented on Amila’s pictures:

The list went on with some of the most popular celebrities couples in the Pakistani entertainment industry with Aiman & Muneeb:

And it, of course, won our Sajal’s heart too!

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    • Oh ganduu she is just a child. Come out of this sexual fantasies….choytia tharkee

  • This is child abuse, stop this rubbish. They are kids and not suppose to be imitating “adult lovers”

  • پاکستانی سیلیبریٹیز ۔۔یا مغربی تہذیب  کے مارے بیچارے۔۔۔

    بھئی بچوں سے ان کا بچپن تو نہ چھینو۔۔۔۔ظالمو۔۔۔

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