[VIDEO] Young girls mercilessly beaten by tuition teacher in Jhelum, clip goes viral

The video clips, which were uploaded on social media, have gone viral since then.

In a shocking incident reported from Jhelum, a tutor was caught on camera beating young girls. The video clips, which were uploaded on social media, have gone viral since then.

According to details, a man named Abu Bakar, a resident of Khansaman Mohalla of Jhelum, has set up a tuition academy called the ‘shining star.’ He was caught on camera, mercilessly thrashing young girls while teaching them.

The teacher’s violence against innocent children is reprehensible. People have been calling concerned authorities to take legal action against him.




Public Response

One of the social media users said, “He is not a teacher, he is a monster because monsters induce fear into a child, not teachers. No learning happens under this immense fear. Children develop psychological issues because of the abuse. This monster should be behind bars before his anger takes a life.

Another said, “I believe a true teacher can’t do such violence. He is nothing but a beast. Shame on him.”

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  • This man should be beaten in the same way in front of the class and kicked out of job. Beating and that too girls who can’t defend themselves. He should be severely reprimanded and barred from teaching for ever. Pakistani men can only show their power against weaker gender. To hell with this man.

  • such shocking incident beating young girls. I believe a true teacher can’t do such violence,Shame on him.

    • tumhari aise kee taise,
      kabhi ao khushbo laga ker , tumhara bhi mustaqbil sawarain hum.
      Lanat hay tum jaisay baghairaton per

  • Yaqub javed kamyana
    September 16, 2020
    Its the fault of parents who send their flowers to these دلاذ۔۔۔۔

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