Young mechanic from Karachi is winning hearts by fixing bikes for FREE!

Karachi, the city of lights, plunged into chaos after record torrential rains. Roads-turned-rivers, severely damaged residential areas and houses, put a huge question mark on authorities’ performance.

Despite all the disasters, Karachiites always have something to cheer about.

Wasit height water, broken vehicles, and expensive mechanics are a common sight in the monsoon rains of Karachi.

However, this young anonymous mechanic, aka Chotu Ustaad Mechanic, is winning people’s hearts all across Pakistan for not taking advantage of the situation and helping others by all possible means. 

Many people in Karachi got stuck in the middle of the roads with their broken motorcycles due to heavy rainfall. This young hero helped the stranded Karachiites get back to their homes safely by repairing their motorcycles for free.

Recently, a Pakistani man named Shayan Khan took to his social media handle to share his experience of how this young mechanic repaired his motorcycle for absolutely no money.

“I must say the only thing that makes me satisfy being a karachiite is that the citizens here try to help here when you are in need. They help with you such sincerity that they actually win your heart. I would refer to the guy in this picture as #Chotuustaadmechanic as I don’t know his name,” he said in his Facebook post.

“For the first time ever, I have seen with my own eyes that mechanics were repairing bikes of individuals for free. I hope Allah helps such individuals.”

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