VIDEO: This young NUST alumnus started selling fruit to increase his productivity and we are proud!

He said that we wanted to implement everything he had learned in university, and so setting up a fruit stall was his go-to idea.

A young boy of Kasur, Usman Ashraf, who recently finished his bachelor’s from NUST University in Electrical Engineering, is selling fruit on a roadside.

Coming from a humble background, Usman became an NUST graduate during the coronavirus. However, with the lockdown in place, Usman decided to do something useful with his time, and this led him to set up his own fruit stall.

What he learned

During his time pursuing this career, the young graduate learned a lot about public dealing, interaction, and handling customers. He said that we wanted to implement everything he had learned in university, and so setting up a fruit stall was his go-to idea.

Usman said he also wanted to learn the hardships vendors working alongside roads faced in their day to day activity. He also wanted to see things from the buyer’s perspective, whom he had been catering to.

Difficulties and hardships

Usman also opened up about the hardships he faced during all this.

“Sometimes, people would say mean things to me and I would get caught up in different problems”, he said

Usman’s of the opinion that if you put your heart and soul into something, nothing is impossible.
It is students like Usman who keep their country going. His efforts and work must be lauded.

Watch his interview here:

Meet Usman Ashraf – A NUST Graduate Who Is Running A Fruit Stall For Experience In Lockdown

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