11-year-old gives birth to baby, becomes UK’s youngest mom

Media reports that the family was clueless about the minor girl's pregnancyy.

According to media reports, an 11-year-old girl has given birth to a child. The girl has become the youngest person to give birth in the United Kingdom.

Before the 11-year-old, the youngest mother to give birth in the UK was a 12-year-old. The minor girl, Tressa Middleton, was raped by her brother. Her brother was jailed later for the incident, and the young girl gave up the baby to adoption services.

While speaking to a media outlet, Tressa Middleton said:

I am hoping to find my daughter someday and meet her. It will be heartbreaking for her to know that her uncle is actually her dad.

After Tressa, the 11-year-old has become the new youngest mother to give birth in the UK.

Details of the Birth

Media reports that the family was clueless about the minor girl’s pregnancy; she became pregnant at the age of 10 and the news came as a shock to her relatives.

According to sources, the girl has given birth to a beautiful baby. Both the girl and the child are safe and in good health. The only shocking thing in this scenario is how did this happen to the young girl and how did the family not know about any events leading up to the pregnancy.

Is it normal for an 11-year-old to become pregnant?

Doctor Carol Cooper says:

Girls begin puberty anytime between the ages of 8 and 14, so they can become pregnant.

History bears Evidence

A Peruvian girl became a mom at the age of 11 in 1939. Sources report that Lina Medina gave birth when she was 6-years-old, making her the youngest mother ever to give birth.

The doctors at that time stated that in their 30 years of experience, they have handled at least 4 cases of 11-year-old girls giving birth to children. Most of these cases have been of Peruvian girls.

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  • Will someone make a movie/documentary on this barbarism? A child raped by his own brother!!
    I am sure that movie will be super flop. World does not want to listen to white brutality. They only like brown/black one.

    • oh bahi yeah 1 adha aisa waqia hota hay wahan , ussay bhi discuss kiya jata hay, saza di jati hay …. yahan tou najanay kitnay bachon ka rape ho jata hay, kabhi molvi say, kabhi teacher say, kabhi uncles say aur kabhi simply street mayn aatay jatay, usnay tou phir chor diya, hamaray tou seedha sath zabah bhi kardetay hayn ya zinda dafan bhi kardetay hayn….

      • Ek adha? Kahan hote h ap bhai? Sirf UK m ek saal m 85000 rape cases hai. Aur ye bhi wo jo reported hain. Harassment cases tu latadad hain … even in very prestigious universities have reported such cases in UK.
        Gorey se inspired hon but itne bhi nh :p

  • The social services have got involved. They will take the baby away aswell. Investigate the case , seems like she has been physically assaulted. Everyone from midwife to health care workers will look after both.
    Similar case happened last year in Pakistan where a 12 year old got physically abused by neighbours. I hope the government is oooking after her mental and physical health and general well being.

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