Your Parcel Will Now Reach You Within 12 Hours, Thanks To Pakistan Post

The new PTI-led government showed strong commitment towards reviving Pakistan post and it has started to show results already!

The national courier company has introduced same-day delivery. So if you have ordered something online, ask them to send it to you via Pakistan Post and you will not have to wait by the window anymore.

With the same day mailing facility, your parcels will reach any corner of the country within just one day. As per the government’s announcement, the parcel sent before 1 pm will reach the desired destination before 12 am on the same night.

The government has also initiated EMO (Electronic Money Order) which will assure quick transactions of the money across the country. It will allow customers to send the amount as much as Rs 50,000 within one day anywhere in Pakistan.

As per the local media sources, One Day Delivery System will be initiated in 25 cities and EMO will be introduced in 80 cities in the first phase for initial testing. It will later be expanded and eventually, entire Pakistan will be able to benefit from these quick and efficient services.

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State Minister Murad Saeed along with officials from Ministry for Postal Services will be making a formal announcement soon. This will definitely be revolutionary for Pakistan Post, that has long lost its position from the sender’s priority list despite being a cheaper alternative to other widely used mediums for the post. Similarly, the majority of the Pakistani population is unaware of how to use internet banking, hence EMO will serve them and make the process easier for them as well.

People have also appreciated the much-needed move and are welcoming it wholeheartedly, also encouraging each other to opt out for Pakistan Post to avail the services. Here is what they have to say:

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