Your priority is more Important than someone’s life?

Islam teaches us that making way for someone is an act of charity. Clearing the way of any obstacles or hurdles, even in normal circumstances is an act which is highly cherished by Allah (SWT) and His Prophet (SAW). Think about the value of making way for an ambulance, which can save life of a person. Quran states the act of nobility as “Whoever saves a life is like he has saved the whole humanity”.

Now, coming to the scenario of Pakistan and its traffic. A recent study at Jinnah Medical Complex (JMC) Karachi reveals that the most common cause of death in bleeding injuries is delay in reaching hospital.

The Golden Hour

The first hour after an accident is known as the “Golden Hour” by the doctors. If the patient gets proper medical attention in this golden hour, it can minimize the loses. Unfortunately, in 90% of bleeding cases, we loose this golden hour because the way our traffic responds to the sirens of an ambulance. The ambulances cannot reach their destination in time.

The Need for Legislation and Awareness

Though, it does not appear to be beyond anyone’s basic abilities to understand that obstructing the way of an ambulance can cost someone his life. What is more horrific in this scenario is that the person who blocks the way shares the responsibility of the death. We really need to think the is our priority more important than anyone’s life?

Please watch this video:


This video was sent to us by one of our members. In the video, it can be clearly seen that the person is overtaking the ambulance from the wrong side, obstructing its way. One may wonder that what is more important for this person than giving way to the ambulance and saving a life? If he could spare just 20 seconds of his ‘precious time’, he could make a positive difference in someone’s life. Retrospectively, what he could have gained by saving these 20 seconds?

Some of the activists call for a proper legislation for this attitude of our traffic. They demand a strict punitive action against persons deliberately obstructing the way of emergency vehicles.

Apart from legislation, it is time for some soul searching for us, individually and collectively. Can we live with the conscience telling us that someone lost their life just because of us?

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