Your WhatsApp can be hacked! PTA issues special instructions for protection against malware attacks

Here is a six step guide to protecting your WhatsApp data!

To avoid malware attacks, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication has advised WhatsApp users to follow the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s instructions.

The Ministry has advised users to keep WhatsApp and their device’s Operating Systems updated to avoid malware attacks.

WhatsApp accounts of Pakistani officials have recently been affected by a malware attack. To aware the users about any possible privacy breach, the ministry has issued advisory for the government officials on the matter, providing them with instructions to minimize the chances of any virus. The malware can put the user’s personal information at risk.

Six steps to protecting your WhatsApp data:

PTA issued six tips to secure mobile handset which are given as:

(i) Always lock your phone using a “pin/password” to avoid its misuse.

(ii) Be very vigilant while downloading applications. Only install trusted apps.

(iii) Don’t keep the Bluetooth connection on. Turn it off after usage.

(iv) Make sure your data is encrypted. Internal and external media must be protected.

(v) Make sure your applications are timely updated.

(vi) and always use a VPN while using public wifi.

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