YouTube Bans A Channel For Having ‘Disturbing Content’ For Children – See The Details Here

YouTube has grown big in magnitude and opportunities in the recent years. If we say that people have built an empire using it as a platform, there is no lie in it.  Leading channels even are earning over a million dollars on a monthly basis.

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Due to the opportunities available and how one can start working without any initial investment, it has inspired youth and garnered their interest.
However, with the increasing trend of usage of gadgets among children, the risk is pretty high as well. Along with health implications that increased screentime has, there are a number of channels on youtube that have absurd content for the sake of views and Adsense income. People usually refer to it as the ‘weird side of the YouTube’

With the crowded community, it has become, it is a challenge to monitor the platform properly. But recently Youtube has made an effort towards maintaining quality and banned few channels that have disturbing content especially targeted towards children. When we say disturbing, it means content that can potentially harm the mental peace of kids.

This particular channel ‘Toy Freaks’ was created by a single dad. The channel included him force feeding his children and the kids looks very disturbed and throwing up due to it. The channel has been a pretty hot spot and bagged millions.
Here is a glimpse of the content that the channel had:

People responded to the news of ban saying they themselves were quite disturbed by it and tried reporting it multiple times.

On TRT World’s video, people also commented telling that the younger children are addicted to it and insist on watching it no matter how much one tries to distract them.

This reveals that children should be strictly checked and monitored over their YouTube usage.

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