YouTube Shorts Monetization: How to Make Money

Youtube shorts

There is good news for creators, who are looking for the monetization of their YouTube Shorts.

The world’s most popular video streaming website will soon start paying for Shorts through YouTube’s Partner Program.

Neil Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, during a press conference said that its the first time that revenue sharing has been offered for short video clips by any platform.

The YouTube Partner Program has paid over $50 Billion to creators, artists, and media companies in the last three years after being initially launched in 2007.

How to make money with YouTube Shorts?

Now, lets come towards the real question, how to make money with YouTube Shorts Monetization?

The video streaming giant has made things clear for the creators to earn money. To be eligible to get paid from YouTube Shorts, you need to have 10 million shorts views over 90 days.

This will start next year. After getting accepted in the monetization program, creators will be paid 45% of the money generated from ads that run between Shorts videos.

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