YouTuber dies exactly one year after recording her fake death [WATCH]

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A famous Egyptian YouTuber named Umm Ziyad passed away exactly a year after faking her death in a video broadcasted on her channel.

Last year, Umm Ziyad posted a video on her channel where she faked her death in front of her husband and children to see their reactions on the 9th of April.

Unfortunately, she died on the same day but a year later, on the 9th of April 2021.

Her brother, YouTuber Hamdi, announced that his sister died after suffering from a lack of oxygen as she suffocated due to a geyser that was leaking gas.

It appears that the Youtuber was facing difficulty breathing for quite some time Days before her death, Umm Ziyad said in a video that she felt exhausted and had trouble breathing properly. However, she confirmed that she had nocontracted COVID-19.

A state of grief dominated various social media platforms following her death, primarily as she used to publish videos of her and her family on YouTube.

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