YouTuber Jay Palfrey reveals why he loves Pakistan & Turkey

Jay Palfrey in PakistanLast year, British vlogger Jay Palfrey made headlines when he announced that he has converted to Islam. He shared a video titled ‘I became a Muslim’ on his YouTube channel to share his experience and journey towards Islam.

“I was originally not going to share this with you, but a lot of people have found peace and inspiration in my journey through researching Islam,” said Palfrey in the video. He went on to add that living in muslim countries changed his perception of Islam. He had termed Islam ‘a very beautiful, peaceful but most misunderstood religion.’

Jay Palfrey about his love for Pakistan and Turkey:

Recently, he had an interview with the YouTube channel, Towards Eternity, where he talked about his aim, love for Pakistan, hearing about Islam for the first time and much more.

Replying to a question about why he loves Pakistan and Turkey more than any other ocuntry, he said:” I think I love Pakistan so much because again, I never heard anything positive about this country. The main things I heard were terrorism, war and violence.”

Jay Palfrey added: “And I went there and all of my expectations were beat. Everyone was so kind, so nice. The food was some of the best I’ve ever had in the whole world. And I felt such genuine love from these people.”

Regarding Turkey, the famous YouTuber said: “And the same with Turkey. Those two countries are my favourite because of the people, the food and the culture. I can talk about the mosques, I love the mosques.

The interviewer also asked him about how he perceived Islam before he became a muslim. Replying to the question, he said: “I had very negative perceptions about muslims, especially there were many attacks in the UK from extremists. And the media has a very good way of making that stereotype to two billion people when its just a handful of bad people making these choices.”

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