This YouTuber Visited Karachi And Showed The World A beautiful Image Of Pakistan – Watch The Video Here

YouTube has grown as a platform, being a stage for passionate people to convey their viewpoints to the world. In 2017 particularly, daily vlogging and travel videos have seen their finest. If you have a look at the year, vlog channels are the ones that have grown the most and fastest. One of these amazing channels is FunForLoius, belonging to extremely talented Louis John Cole.

The British filmmaker, youtube celebrity, travel videographer and daily vlogger has shown us the insides of many stunning countries in his series Beyond Border – Word Flight. This idea originated in his mind as his passion for traveling couldn’t be held back anymore, he wanted to show the world how similar and beautifully diverse the humans are beyond the borders.

In episode 41 of the series, Louis chose Karachi. He was seen wandering on the streets of the city that can rightfully be regarded as the pride of Pakistan. He also chose to be accompanied by a local Karachitte so he can experience all the small things that make this city special and one of a kind.
In an atmosphere of extremism,  the way Cole chose to show the image of Pakistan is commendable. When the entire world calls us a terrorist, this beautiful video shows that the people in this part of the world are equally pure, hospitable and peace loving. See the video where he depicts his ultimate skills and passion here:

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