YouTuber & Vlogger Hina Mehmood Arrested For Blackmailing Top-ranking Government Officials

Renowned YouTuber and Vlogger, Hina Mehmood, has been apprehended by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for allegedly blackmailing top-ranking federal and provincial government officials.

According to details, the FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing received multiple complaints against the YouTuber and Vlogger. She was arrested from her residence in the Nawab Town area of Lahore during a raid on Wednesday.

Hina Mehmood has been taken into the custody on charges of blackmail and extortion. The federal and provincial government officials had filed multiple complaints against the YouTuber, who was blackmailing them using their inappropriate videos.

The accused obtained those videos by hacking into the victims’ social media and email accounts. The authorities recovered multiple inappropriate videos of the victims from her mobile phone, which she used to blackmail them.

Just recently, in another cybercrime case, morning show host and actress Ayesha Sana was declared a proclaimed offender. A cybercrime case was filed by the Federal Investigation Agency against the actress upon the complaint of Yousuf Baig Mirza, her ex husband. The complainant accused the actress of uploading inappropriate photos of his daughter and wife online.

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  • lo ji chaskay pano is bavay social culture di… rishta daikhnay jao toh agay siftain sunain gey “baby jaldi se camera lei k selfie banao sabh ki; aa ji hamari bachi toh tik tok bhi bana leiti hai, aur snap chat mein toh jo masalay lagati hai, aye haye haye, aur baby ke khilaaf toh 2 3 FIR’s bhi katti hoi hain…, bari hi naik bachi hai…. aur mashallah se aik do rambo jaisay bhai bhi hain”…

  • پاکستان میں ابھی تک تو ہماری آزاد عدلیہ نے کسی بھی مجرم کو سزا نہیں ہونے دی تو پھر کیس بنانا وقت ضائع کرنا کیا صرف وکلا کو روز گار مہیا کرنے کے لئے ہی ہوتے ہیں ؟

  • Yeh case itna seedha saadha bhi nhi jitna bataya ja raha hai.

    Firstly, who the hell record his own inappropriate video and keep it in his/her social Media or email account.

    2ndly, hacking into someone account is not a child’s game specially remotely.

    So what we are hearing is probably half the truth, and those so called officials are probably engaged in some kind of relationship with the youtuber, probably the youtuber lured them towards her and then recorded videos of them with an intention to blackmail them later on.

  • گڈ یار! جن کی نازیبا ویڈیو ہیں انکو کچھ نہی کہہ رہے بلکہ انکو رکھنے والی کو گرفتار کر لیا واہ رے خبیسوں۔

  • Ye pakistan ha yahan power kobsalam ha chahay wo koi bhi ho.adliya parliment bureacrates etc sb ek he family ha sb aj tak kisi baray ya uski olad ko saza hue never ever or hogi b nahi.zina ki video pr video rakhny walay ko arrest or karny walay ko kuch na kaho islamic country no sangsar rules only power rule

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