[CAST, STORY, TRAILER] New Turkish series, Yunus Emre, set to air on PTV

The series first premiered on the 18th of June, 2015 in Turkey.

  • Another Turkish drama series, Yunus Emre, to air on PTV.
  • Mehmet Bozdağ’s Yunus Emre: the journey of love is about the life of Yunus Emra (the Dervish), who wholly dedicates life to Allah and searches for unity.
  • PM Imran Khan advised the Pakistani youth to watch Yunus Emre, so they can know that there is a way of life besides the questionable shows that have been airing.

PM Imran Khan brings another Turkish series, Yunus Emre, to PTV.

PM Imran Khan has decided to air another Turkish drama series, Yunus Emre, on the state-run channel PTV and has advised the youth to watch the Turkish show.

The series first premiered on the 18th of June, 2015 in Turkey. The two season show stars many esteemed Turkish actors including Gökhan Atalay, Seda Tosun, Payidar Tüfekçioglu, Ceyda Kasabalı, Baran Akbulut and Asuman Çakır.

What is the story of the Turkish drama series Yunus Emre (AşkinYolculuğu)?

The hit series by Mehmet Bozdağ, Yunus Emre: The journey of love, is about the life of Yunus Emre (the Dervish), who was an Islamic poet, a mystic, and a poor villager. Yunus Emre was well versed in mystical philosophy, especially that of the 13th-century poet and mystic Jalaluddin Rumi.

Turkish drama series, Yunus Emre: The journey of love, is a story of spiritual transformation.

The Turkish show, Yunus Emre, is a journey of transformation. The story describes how a great Sufi wholly dedicates life to Allah and searches for unity. A particular scene of the series depicts Yunus Emre in a Dervish monastery’s dark room with a candle. Yunus is absorbed in thought, his arms wrapped, his head somewhat bowed with closed eyes. Reciting poetry, Yunus says:

The heart of the one who loves is God’s throne; the creator adopts it as his own; grief-stricken and miserable is he who breaks a heart.

The series showcases how the mystics operated in Turkey and depicts the way of Sufis. It sheds light on the famous Sufi culture of Islam, Sufi training, the difference between Sufis and orthodox Islamic scholars, and how the Sufi master inculcates Islamic spiritual teachings in his pupil.

Yunus Emre is all about inner self-purification with the specific commandments of a Sufi Master. The series teaches us how not only Zikr/ Dhikr but physical tasks and actions help one to achieve piety and closeness to Allah.

Praising the series, PTI leader Faisal Javed Khan tweeted:

The serial, Yunus Emre, is an excellent example of meticulous attention to detail in work.

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  • Such dramas will help in people becoming moderate, esp in Pakistani society where some elements have become rigid.

  • The best drama to watch and learn how to love Allah patience respect forgiveness and especially love for his creation

  • We enjoy it a great deal and have recommended it to others. It is interesting and an opportunity to learn about a history less familiar to us. Unfortunately, like many others here, we have trouble with much of the English translation. It is sad to be unable to understand the meaning of large segments of dialogue or or self-talk. 🙁

  • Love this series. Acting was incredible, content so profound and touching. Wish we had more shows like this.

    Main complaint – English subtitles were confusing and not well translated. For a show of this quality it does deserve better subtitles.

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