‘Zaheer and his gang wanted to sell Dua Zahra’: Iqrar-ul-Hassan reveals

Journalist Iqrar-ul-Hassan has made some shocking revelation about the Dua Zahra case. The Sar-e-Aam host in his vlog made revelations people didn’t know before.

The Dua Zahra case has been in the news for the last few months. At first, it was reported that the teenager had been kidnapped. However, later it turned out that she ran away from her house to marry her online friend, Zaheer Ahmed.

Ever since then, the couple has given a number of interviews to local YouTube channels. According to her, nobody kidnapped her and that she has married Zaheer Ahmed of her own free will.

Now, Iqrar-ul-Hassan has come forward with some unknown details about the case. In his vlog, the famous journalist stated that he remained silent regarding the case as he didn’t have any proof.

“According to my investigation, unfortunately Dua Zehra has been kidnapped by a gang,” he said. Iqrar went on to add that if the case hadn’t gotten so much attention on social media and other platforms, the victim could have long been sold into prostitution.

According to Iqrar ul Hassan, he tried to arrange a meeting between Dua Zahra and her mother. He also approached the woman YouTuber, who interviewed Dua, but the family of Zaheer refused.

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  • Atleast koi ek evidence to dete
    Khama khaa ka shor……
    Mana zaheer ghalat hoga but jesa iqrar chilla raha tha k pata nahi konse evidence le aaya ho sab dramay bazi hai

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