Zahid Ahmed to highlight split personality disorder in his next drama

Setting a new precedent, Pakistani drama star Zahid Ahmed will play an unconventional role shedding light on spit personality disorders.


Pakistani drama industry has particularly taken a revolutionary turn with their recent pieces, that particularly touch unconventional issues. Zahid Ahmed and his new drama project are expected to open a new avenue of discussion with the unorthodox theme.

In an upcoming drama serial titled Ishaq Zahe Naseeb, which already has set the bar high with the initial teasers, Zahid Ahmed will play the role of a youngster suffering from split personality disorders. All set to air after Eid ul Fitr, the role is different than anything that the actor has played before and can safely be regarded as the ‘most challenging role’ for the actor.

Zahid plays the role of Sameer, a rich young man who is suffering from a split personality disorder. Though he appears quite masculine in his first character, he starts identifying himself as a girl called Sameera when it hits.

Needless to say, playing the role of a rich, confident and dominant male and appearing as a female with completely different gestures and facial expressions simultaneously is a challenge itself. With just ‘playing’ it, Zahid needs to do justice with both roles.

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Speaking to a local news agency, Zahid said that the biggest challenge was to do justice with the character because it is neither a cross-dresser nor a transgender, but a young man suffering a mental health condition.

Sameer conceives the ‘other’ personality as a result of mental trauma and carries it with himself for 30 years. Answering a question for why he chooses to play such unconventional roles while he can easily opt out for much simplified characters, Zahid said:

Let me explain it to you in two answers – I can play two kinds of roles. One is the hero, that I played in Besharam where in order to change the society, my character goes into politics. The other is the run-of-the-mill central figure in a drama who might be the protagonist, but not the hero.

Zahid said that not only the character but the writer deserves all the praise for picking such an unorthodox topic that still remains a taboo in our society. While he was initially nervous to play the role, the positive feedback and response have rather made it more exciting for him.


People are excited, hopeful and whatnot

People are already overwhelmed by the initial teasers and have sent all the praises, love and appreciation for the star cast.

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