‘Its A Heinous Crime’, Zahir Jaffer’s Father Speaks To Media Reporters

Zahir's mother, Asmat Adamjee refrained from making a comment.


Terror in Islamabad, as the recent murder of Noor Mukadam came to light in the press, which holds everyone’s hearts in a tight grip of fear.

After the alleged murderer, Zahir Jaffer, was taken into police custody with an investigation underway, his parents were arrested as well.

While Zahir’s mother, Asmat Adamjee refrained from making a comment, with her face obscured completely, his father Zakir Jaffer, on the contrary, passed some remarks.

As recorded, he expressed how he condemned the murder as a “heinous crime”, as well as how he sympathized with the Mukadam family; including details such as how the victim was well acquainted with his family.

He wished for justice to prevail, however when probed about how he came to find out about the incident, he curtly responded, “It’s a long story.”

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