Zahir Shah from Rescue1122 priortizes duty over his sister’s funeral


Photo of brave Rescue1122 soldier of KPK who left his own sister’s funeral in search of three drowned sisters in Swabi Dam – photo source twitter.
  • Zahir Shah didn’t attend the funeral prayers of his own sister because he was on a rescue mission.
  • He searched for the three drowned sisters in dam water.
  • Three minor sisters were drowned in the Swabi Dam when the boat capsized.

Have a look at this brave and courageous soldier Zahir Shah who didn’t attend the funeral prayers of his own sister because he was on a search mission and looking up for the bodies of three drowned girls in dam water. The incident happened days ago when a boat capsized in the middle of Swabi Dam for getting overloaded with the passengers.

Around 35 of the 38 passengers who were onboard got rescued. But the bodies of three drowned sisters could not be found immediately. However, the bodies of three drowned sisters were retrieved a day after the search operation was launched to fish them out of dam water.  

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The courageous soldier of Rescue 1122 preferred to be on duty in search of the three minor drowned sisters. Rescue 1122 has saved thousands of lives since the inception of its services in 2004. Many people lost their lives just because of the unavailability of the timely aid and due to the scarcity of ambulance services before the start of emergency service.

The first aid that Rescue 1122 personnel provide to the injured and deceased people is worth mentioning. The nation must pay salutation to the brave soldiers like Zahir Shah. We might idealize the film heroes but the soldiers like him are the real heroes as they don’t give a second thought while serving humanity.

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