Zaid Ali T Addresses The Person Who Called His Wife Ugly Because Of Her ‘Dark Skin’ – See What He Said

Talk about comedy, YouTube, and vines, Zaid  Ali T is one of the few names that stand out in Pakistan. With his quality humor and well-executed videos, Zaid has gained immense popularity, especially in India and Pakistan for his creative vines. His content humorously targeting the differences between white and brown people has gained him a massive fan following, even the people who do not belong to the similar cultural origin.
He has always been well-loved and enjoyed by his fans but in more recent months, he has particularly been a hot topic of discussion after his marriage.

Zaid’s beautiful wife was trolled for her looks previously on her wedding pictures but it’s just sad that even months after it, people can’t seem to stop with this belittling and derogatory behavior.
He previously took to his social media addressing the people who have been calling his wife ‘ugly’ and he had to do it again now addressing someone who criticized her color on the first picture of the couple in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, colorism is a shackle that even after attaining independence, we couldn’t free ourselves from. The obsession with fair skin has ruined self-confidence of millions of girls but we never address the issue.
Zaid pointed the same dilemma saying that it’s upsetting how Pakistani’s can’t even embrace their own color.

His Tweet was also responded by Iqrar Ul Hassan who tried his wit saying that Zaid is like his brothers, but his wife is actually better looking than him. *laughs*. He also showered the couple with prayers and best wishes.

It is disappointing how the people, purposefully or just out of habit, can’t seem to stop criticizing her for her skin or physical looks although the couple is leading is a happy life. More importantly, it is none of their concern.
And well admit it, Zaid’s vlogs are more fun when she is in them!

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