Zainab Kay Qaatil – Telefilm For Raising Awareness or Garnering Ratings?

In today’s digitalized world, one can’t simply deny the power of the screen. The television, however, has also recognized their impact – which explains the recent change in the topic pattern. Previously more centred on romance and domestic politics, the industry took an unconventional direction by producing serials inclined on social issues.
As a result, we got the privilege of seeing drama serials like Udaari (talking about child sexual abuse), Sammi (rejecting ages-old practice of Vani in rural societies), Aisi Hai Tanhai (questioning societal dynamics to judge a woman’s character), Khuda Mera Bhi Hai (advocating transgender rights), Bedardi (on AIDS awareness) – to name some of them.

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Though always celebrated, welcomed and appreciated by the public, there is a new one that is meeting quite a critical response.
Reportedly, a local channel A Plus is making a telefilm named Zainab Kay Qaatil, highlighting the role of media in Zainab’s rape and murder case, and highlighting the brutality against children that has drenched in our society.
The executive producer of the project, Kashif Kabeer, talks about what inspired the team to actualize this idea.
“Often when such incidents occur, the media/social media sensationalizes the news to the extent that they completely forget how it affects the victim’s family. The case is used to just further boost ratings, as a means to an end.” – Kashif Said (Source: DAWN News)

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He also said that the TVF will also explore different angles of the issue – from how stakeholders addressed it to how morning shows used the incident for rating. He added that they themselves are not doing it for ratings and education of the general public is the only motive. However, people aren’t buying their argument.
Even before formally airing, Zainab Kay Qaatil is receiving a criticism for using a sensitive issue whose details can potentially hurt her family’s sentiments is being used to garner viewership.
Here is what social media community is saying:

This isn’t the first time a sensitive issue is being addressed in a drama, however, the inclusion of ‘actual’ character impression linking to the tragedy that happened as compared to a hypothetical storyline is what increases the risk offending the related individuals.

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