Zainab Qayyum reveals why she got tested for COVID 11 times

The Former supermodel and actress, Zainab Qayoom, has undergone 11 tests in one year. She has also raised an extremely valid point regarding the pandemic, and people should be cautious of being silent virus carriers.

The actress took to social-networking website Twitter and posted, “Honestly, as an actor, I don’t have a choice but to go to work where we work under the strictest SOPs. Since last year, I haven’t met anyone apart from my costars I am working with for fear of being a silent carrier. I have had 11 covid tests (all negative),” ZQ wrote in a tweet.

“Plz don’t host/attend social events. And then come on set to work with us,” Zainab added.


She further explained that why she underwent multiple COVID testings during the pandemic. Zainab tweeted, “I got 11 tests in the past nine months because I’ve been working on eight different projects with eight different sets of cast and crew. We have to be careful for ourselves as well as our costars.”

Qayyum has currently been seen on multiple on-air dramas, including Geo Entertainment’s Qayamat and ARY Digital’s Shehnai.

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