[VIDEO] Zara Noor Abbas talks about how she was ‘body shamed’ when she entered showbiz

In case you never noticed, no two people look alike (not even identical twins). So what exactly gives people the right to shame another person regarding their body?

In this digital era, bullying is not an issue as its all done from behind computer screens. Just because they are always in the public eye, celebrities are often the victims.

Famous Pakistani actress, Zara Noor Abbas, is no exception!

The actress best known for her role as ‘Arsala’ in drama serial ‘Khamoshi’ suffered from body shaming as well.

“There was a time in my life when I had to tell myself to stop and make it a point where I  have to embrace myself, embrace my size, no matter what size I am. My talent is not going to suffer because of that”, Zara shared in a recent interview with BBC Asian Network.

She further added, “The reason I felt ashamed was because of my body. I was body shamed for a very very long time on social media. I had to block it out of my mind. I told myself that if I kept listening to them, I am going to lose focus.”

Body shaming has drastic effects. People are less likely to change their eating habits and do something to get healthier. However, chances are that they will feel terrible about themselves. Surgeries and pills is quite traumatic. It is solely your right to decide what you what to wear and what not, Zara emphasized.

“I did go through a patch where a lot of people came up to me and told me ‘you shouldn’t wear jeans’ and ‘you should never wear sleeveless’ because you are so ‘big’. That’s when I realized if this person feels something about me, I think I should do it twice and take pictures and put it up,” she added.

Don’t let body shaming decide your wardrobe!

Here is what Zara Noor Abbas had to say:

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