BFF ALERT! Zara Noor Abbas sings a beautiful song For Sajal Aly [VIDEO]

This is so heartwarming!

If you thought friendships in the entertainment industry are either fleeting or complicated, here is an exception. Sajal and Zara’s friendship has stood the test of time.

Although the two never worked together on a project, they sure give friendship goals to many! Here are some pictures from Sajal’s wedding; they both looked immensely beautiful together.

 Zara was there alongside Sajal, just like her sister.

In a recent appearance with Iffat Omar, Zara Noor Abbas sang a beautiful song for her best friend, Sajal. The Ehd-e-Wafa actress dedicated Yeh Dosti to Sajal and shared that Sajal was something else. “She has a huge heart where I’m concerned,” said Zara.

Upon discussing Sajal, Zara shared how she is full of energy and enthusiasm. “I lovingly call her Chota Don because she’s just that, bubbling with energy like a cracker,” said Zara.

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