Zayn Malik reveals he sings to his daughter in Urdu and English


Singer Zayn Malik recently appeared for an interview at iHeartRadio’s Valentine in the Morning. During the conversation, the Pillow Talk singer revealed that he sings to his 6-month-old daughter, Khai, in Urdu and English.

The Bradford-born singer’s father is Pakistani, and his mother is British. He has also sung in Urdu in some of his songs.

In the interview, Zayn Malik revealed how he adapted to becoming a father. He said, “Honestly, it’s amazing. I was speaking to many people before she was born, and they were like, ‘It is a big adjustment, and it’s going to be a huge change.’ But honestly, Khai is an amazing baby. It’s been easy for Gigi and me to ease into it.”

Malik added, “I had time for my relationship too, but it was still solely about me. The fact that [Khai] has been so easy to adjust to has been surprising because I love spending time with her, hanging out with her, just doing relaxing chill stuff.”

He said it is a different life pace, but it has been easy to adjust to it.

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