Did you know that Pakistani icon Zeba Bakhtiar was once married to an Indian?

She actress married four times, while her current relationship status is unknown.

Pakistani veteran actress Zeba Bakhtiar’s personal life has always been in the headlines. While the actress’ professional career was a smooth sail, her love life was always a bumpy ride. Even though Zeba Bakhtiar’s beauty mesmerized many men over time, the actress was not very lucky with her love life.

Zeba Bakhtiar’s Early Life

Zeba Bakhtiar is the daughter of a famous Pakistani political personality and former attorney general Yahya Bakhtiar. Her mother was of Hungarian descent, while her father was from Quetta, which explains her unique beauty.

Zeba Bakhtiar’s Married Life

Although she is a phenomenal actress, Zeba Bakhtiar is known less for her entertainment roles and more for her weddings. Throughout her life, Zeba Bakhtiar engaged in 4 weddings.

First Marriage: Zeba Bakhtiar married a man named Salman Valliani from Quetta. The two had a daughter together, but after a while, the relationship between them deteriorated. Eventually, the couple divorced, and Bakhtiar’s sister adopted the child.

Second Marriage: The actress then married Bollywood comedian Javed Jaffrey in 1989. Although Zeba Bakhtiar rubbished the news in the media, Javed Jaffery made their nikahnama public. However, the marriage didn’t last long, and the two got divorced within a year of marriage.

Third Marriage: After two years, Zeba Bakhtiar married singer Adnan Sami but divorced in 1997. The singer and actress have a son together named Azaan.


Fourth Marriage: Finally, she married Sohail Khan Leghari in Pakistan. However, the current relationship status of Zeba Bakhtiar is unknown.

Despite having bad personal life experiences, Zeba Bakhtiar was and still is one of the most exceptional actresses of Pakistan. Her beauty and persona are still unmatchable. It is safe to say that the actress didn’t let the hardships of her personal life affect her professional life in any manner.

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